Minita is Ready to Work for Saratoga Springs.


Build Saratoga’s Finances Back Better
Find new avenues for revenue utilizing our city’s rich history, scenic location and cultural capital. 

Create contingency options for our city to weather difficult times.

Work with Federal, State and County agencies to invest in our infrastructure and climate initiatives.

Bolster Small Business
Support the lifeblood of our city’s economy – our entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Create new tourism opportunities.

Boost arts and culture to create an even more vibrant downtown for all.

Create an Inclusive Saratoga

Work on building our 3rd EMS Station to make Saratoga Springs safer for all

Encourage women and minority-owned businesses. 

Protect our green belts, open spaces, parks and wetlands.

Stand with our front-line and essential workers and support our community’s diverse voices.

Create a Climate Smart Community

Support Complete Streets and Smart City Street Lights initiatives

Support Community Choice Aggregation because it will give all Saratoga residents the option to power their homes, and vehicles with renewable energy. 

Initiate Climate Action and Resiliency Plan for our city that will create long term savings by preparing for inevitable changes and identify opportunities for smart and responsible economic growth.