On March 31 I got a call that changed my life. We needed someone to run for Commissioner of Finance on the Democratic ticket. Would I run? I reached out to a mentor who replied, You could work toward change in a way that others can’t. It’s an opportunity not to be missed, from my perspective.”

And so I said yes. 
It has been 4 months and we’ve got a solid campaign going on. Here are some updates from my end. 

  • We’ve got a great campaign team – with Heather Crocker as my campaign Manager, Ann Casey Bullock as my Treasurer and a host of fantastic volunteers and interns. 
  • We’ve raised $20,000 (we’re halfway towards our goal of $40,000). As the Daily Gazette reported “In Saratoga Springs, Democrat Minita Sanghvi stood out with the most money in the bank – and the most individual contributions of any of the candidates.” (8/15/21)
  • Finally, we’ve knocked over 1000 doors.  Unfortunately it has not always been smooth. Someone called the cops on me. But after a small break we’re back to going door to door, more energized and focused than ever.

Running is hard and relentless but it is also an honor and a privilege to hear stories from voters in every part of our city. I look forward to bringing new ideas to city hall to make Saratoga Springs even better.